Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Drought-hit village 'FAILS' to use Sachin Tendulkar's 1 crore Help. !!

Drought-hit village ''Fails'' to use Sachin Tendulkar Help. !!
Indian cricket icon announced Rs 1 crore for people of Wakala which didn’t materialise due to infighting.

Sachin had announced Rs 1 crore as Fund to Wakala – the drought-hit village of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. But the village could not reach a conclusion regarding the use of the money.

According to reports,The master blaster's office told the villagers to decide among themselves as to how they wanted to spend the money through a meeting and finalise the tender process.

Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, race and political affiliation stopped the people from working for the betterment of the drought-hit area.

The villagers found themselves sharply divided on the fault lines of caste, religion and political affiliation, which prevented them from coming together and acting for the greater good.
They could not finalise the tendering process and as a result, did not receive the promised funds. SAD !