Thursday, August 18, 2016

WHEN : PV SINDHU Promised to Sachin Tendulkar in 2012 And Completed in 2016 With a Medal

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In 2012 : Sachin Tendulkar Gifted a Car to PV SINDHU afte winning the Asian Youth Under-19 Championships in 2012 (1st Indian) SRT with in association of Andhra Badminton Fed.
--> In Return Sachin Asked Pv Sindhu to Make a Promise To Sachin  to'' Win A medal '' in Rio Olympics 2016.  
NOW 2016 : PV Sindhu Now First Indian Badminton player ever to reach the finals of the Olympics!  PV Sindhu is just a game away from winning a medal.  
That's Commitment of PV Sindhu !! _/\_
She Did Exactly What She Promised to Sachin 
and Sachin Tendulkar Sir as always awesome 
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